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Mix supervision

You would be surprised but even the best mixing engineers seek advice from mastering engineers! Simply because mastering is a completely different discipline to mixing. And obviously every engineer wants to make sure that their mixes will translate well on all systems, once they are mastered. This is a common practice for the best productions, and thanks to modern technology the mix supervision service is now available to the projects with much tighter budgets.

The reason why mixing engineers get advise from mastering engineers is that mixing can often take weeks, even months! When the mixing engineers are working on the same production for too long, their objective judgment suffers and they can sometimes take things too far or introduce errors, as they inevitably become immune against them (due to constant exposure to the same musical content). The other reason is that during mixing the engineer focuses on different elements of the mix and is often working in different studios and using different gear. While the mastering engineer constantly listens to the music in a perfect room that he/she’s very familiar with, and doesn’t work anywhere else. What’s more, he’s listening with fresh pair of ears and hence he/she can provide crucial advice on issues that could have been “lost in translation” during the mixing process.

Mix supervision can be very beneficial for your mixes. This obviously varies from project to project as there are many levels of how much advice I can provide. If you only want me to revise your final mix, give you some feedback on it and check whether everything is ok for mastering, I can easily do that. However, if you need more guidance than that, because you are either not sure about your mix (as you have already spent too much time on it) or you just need someone to bounce off all along the project or whatever the reason might be, I would be happy to help.

Just send me your mix in full quality and I will write you an email with detailed notes and suggestions about what can be ameliorated or whether there are any issues in the mix that need to be addressed. As I have plenty of experience with mixing I will also offer you full guidance on how to solve any potential problems, which many mastering engineers cannot do!

I strongly recommend this service to mainly non-professionals working from project studios. Drop me a line or call me to discuss your project now! Depending on your requirements, you might even be eligible to get this service for free, so don’t hesitate to ask!